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Web Design for Under £300 – Is that a Good Investment for Your Business?

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Last week I gave a presentation to some local businesses in Lancaster about the value to look for in a web designer. I prepared a PowerPoint slideshow so thought I would share it here also. I’ve edited down the presentation a bit so it is more appropriate for my blog but it covers some important points in my opinion that businesses should take into consideration when they are shopping around for a local web designer even if you are on a tighter budget. Actually, perhaps I should say particularly if you are on a tighter budget.

Below is the presentation shared from my SlideShare profile. Please excuse the silly photos I included of myself. I have also included some explanation for each slide under the presentation…

Can You Get a Website for Under £300

If you only want to spend £300 then you can but is that really a good deal?

Slide 1: Can you get a website designed and developed for under £300?

I introduced the issue that I come across once in a while with web design inquiries I receive. Every now and again someone might contact me wanting a new website and one of the first things they want to know is how much I charge. It’s difficult to be put on the spot like that and give a quote because it can be like plucking a number out of the air. I do have a starting price but until I understand more about the client and their business it is difficult to give an accurate cost and I’m sure other web designers and marketers that work in a similar way to me have the same difficulty. So, the person on the other end of the phone says they understand but they need an idea (which is fair enough of course) so I give them a ‘starting from’ amount and sometimes the reply is ‘Oh, I was looking for something under £300 (or whatever their budget is). Unfortunately I can’t help in this situation…

Slide 2: Plenty of web design bargains around locally and online

You only need to do a search online and you can easily find web design services for under £300. If you know where to look you can find someone who will ‘do a website’ for you at even less. The question is will a website you paid less than £300 be a good investment for your business?…

Slide 3: NO…!!! You’ll sacrifice a lot

In the previous slide I asked ‘will a website you paid less than £300 be a good investment for your business?’. Obviously my answer is NO!!! (please excuse the issue with the ‘NO’ text appearing on top of the list – the animation I used on PowerPoint doesn’t convert very well on SlideShare). If you go with a designer that is only charging you a few hundred pounds then you will sacrifice a number of things including…

You’ll sacrifice…

  • Unique design
  • Focus on your dream clients
  • Custom solutions
  • Long-term relationship
  • A website that engages
  • Internet marketing support
  • (and the list goes on…)

Slide 4: Get a Full Consultation

I went on to explain how vital it is that a client and myself get together because a website is an investment in your business so it should be done right through planning and understanding of what is needed. The aim for me is to provide you with a website that is actually worth a lot more to your business then the money you invested in it.

Slide 5: Why a full consultation is vital

Here we delve in to some of the reasons why I put so much stock in a full consultation with any new client because there are so many benefits that ensure the completed design and development is the best it can be. Of course a great consultation before a project begins also serves to eliminate as many potential problems, miscommunications and misunderstandings as possible. Topics that should be covered in a full consultation that make it vital include…

  • Understand the client and his/her business
  • Purpose(s) of the website
  • Who are their ideal clients and what do they need?
  • How do they turn a lead into a sale
  • Style / image / functionality for the site
  • Their competitors
  • Their internet marketing needs
  • It’s important for the client to see me as a good fit

Of course if you get to the full consultation stage with me we’ll go into a lot more detail and explanation for the above – got to add some mystery.

Slide 6: Aha!!!

As we progress through the consultation I often see clients have a sort of ‘Aha moment’ when they are getting excited about their business and the ideas we can come up with and potentially follow through on if they choose Adam Zahler Internet Marketing. I too am excited about the prospect of working with you.

Slide 7: They start to see us working together

During our discussions you’ll discover whether I’m a good fit for you and your needs (my design approach and internet marketing knowledge) and I also can see very quickly if you are a good fit for me. You’ll get to experience my more personal approach, my expertise and knowledge and you are even getting what I’d like to think is great actionable advice – that is advice you can take away with you and start thinking about, planning and even applying to your business… You can now picture us working well together.

Slide 8: Now You Understand the Value…

So now you can understand how much value you are getting if you decide that you’d like to hire me and also why a cheap ‘templated’ solution is not going to do your business the justice it deserves and is most likely a bad investment for you.

Slide 9 and onwards: Examples of my work

The presentation continued with examples of recent work I’ve done that covered web design and also various internet marketing solutions depending on the project in question.


If you have read through this and think that perhaps I’d be a good fit for you and your business’ online needs please don’t hesitate to contact me.